Top Reasons to Work With Us:


  • Help transform the music industry using VR

  • Tackle problems that have never been solved before

  • Join a creative team of forward thinking technologists and help shape company culture from an early stage

  • Competitive compensation including stock options and health benefits

  • Startup backed by top level VC's like KPCB, Greycroft, and RRE Ventures

Game Designer / Product Manager

You'll be in charge of designing, implementing, and tuning game mechanics in the world's first interactive music concert platform. How do you gamify a social platform based around next level networked CG raves? You tell us! We want you to help us tow the fascinating lines between games, social experience, and fine art. You'll get to be on the fore front of this new interactive genre that we're pretty much bringing into existence through sheer will.

You'll report directly to the CEO and work with the team on designing social loops, UI/UX, and most importantly, manage our process for implementing, collecting, and analyzing metrics to drive feature development and work towards our KPI goals. When you aren't pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Microsoft Excel, white boarding analytics with the engineers, wireframing out user flows, you won't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and bang out Jira tasks in Unity using your C# skills.

Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years working in games/tech

  • Social games experience

  • Strong background in data analytics / tracking and analyzing metrics  

  • Unity, C# scripting

  • Strong UI/UX skills

  • Great communication skills

  • Passion for music and VR


Software Engineer

You'll work with Design to prototype and implement new interactive experiences for the world's first social platform for VR music concerts. You'll help architect and build systems that encompass the entire social experience: from the tools that artists use to perform music and customize the visuals to user account credentialing to iterating on virtual glowstick interactions. Virtual glowsticks, of course, are the most literal of the designs you'll be helping to refine; in fact, most of the stuff you'll be working on, you probably can't currently conceptualize. What does the future of music in VR look/sound/feel like? You'll be helping define that.


Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years experience in tech/games

  • Unity, C# experience

  • Backend web development experience (node.js, Ruby on Rails, etc)

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

  • Passion for music and VR



  • Experience shipping and scaling a social platform

  • Experience with VR technologies

  • Experience with

  • Experience with C

  • Experience with or MVC

  • Shader experience

Networking Engineer

You'll help us solve difficult networking problems, as we attempt to do the impossible: sync a limitless interactive audience in a networked virtual music venue to watch live performances. You'll architect and scale the system that will allow us to throw the first interactive VR concert to millions of people at once. You'll continually come up with innovative and novel approaches to networking as the design team innovates on the experience.


Job Requirements

  • 5+ years networking experience on an MMO or related

  • Unity experience

  • Passion for music and VR

Technical Art Director / Environment Artist

You'll lead the art pipeline for TheWaveVR, working with the team to build the next level of interactive music concerts in VR. You'll collaborate with Strangeloop, one of the top live visual artists in the world, to translate his expertise in producing light/stage shows in the real world into the virtual world, where there are no physical boundaries. You'll manage a team of modlers and graphics programmers, and also play a key role in building assets, writing shaders, optimization, scripting- maybe even some animation if you're really good.

You'll get to answer questions you've never pondered before, like, "What should dancing as blobs in an abstract intergalactic dance party look and feel like?" In fact, the work you do in this role will most likely be studied for years to come in VR textbooks everywhere.


Job Requirements

  • 5+ years experience in games

  • Shader expertise

  • 3D Environment art

  • Modeling and texturing

  • Passion for music and VR

  • UV wizard

  • Lighting experience

  • Unity 3D / C# scripting

  • Good track record managing art pipelines

  • Graphics Optimization



  • Rigging and animation skills

  • Experience with VR technologies

  • Concept art skills


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