Community Guidelines

TheWaveVR wants our guidelines to act as a way to encourage the best from our community. They aren’t made to directly inhibit creativity or self expression. TheWaveVR is a public and social place and we want everyone there to enjoy it. The goal of TheWaveVR is to be a space where people can come together for a new kind of visual music experience. 

We understand that everyone has their own values and opinions. While you may not agree with someone else and their opinions, it might not go against our community guidelines. If you are in a situation or a party where you feel a user is violating our guidelines, please let us know about the situation by sending us an email here: with the subject line "Incident Report". The more detailed the report, the easier it will be for us to understand the situation. We’ll review the report, and take the appropriate action.

If you’ve had action taken on your account that you have questions about, please contact, or get in touch with TheWaveVRAdmin on Steam, if that’s the platform you’re using.

By using TheWaveVR, you agree to follow our Community Guidelines.

Age Requirement

All Wavers must be 16 and older. 

Personal Space

Be mindful of your surroundings and respectful of personal space. 

Hate Speech

TheWaveVR does not tolerate any kind of hate speech, racial and/or religious intolerance. 

TheWaveVR does not support the creation or involvement of hate groups.

TheWaveVR does not tolerate treating another Waver disrespectfully or excluding them based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

Criticizing another Waver due to disability or weight, encouraging harmful/destructive behavior or dangerous actions, following another Waver around after they've asked you to stop, or ganging up on one specific Waver will also not be tolerated. 


Usernames should be appropriate. 

Explicit sexual content, overly gratuitous violence or gore, imagery of violence towards political/religious figures, etc are not acceptable. 

Inappropriate Content

Threatening the safety of another Waver is not the type of behavior we want to see in TheWaveVR. 


Home cave parties should not be thrown with the intent to violate community guidelines. 

When Throwing a Home Cave Party