TheWaveVR is a VC-backed tech startup based in Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA comprised of a team of artists and technologists who have worked at companies like Twitter, Bungie, Harmonix, Google, LiveNation, SoundCloud, Microsoft, and more. Everyone in the company is a musician and/or artist.


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Adam Arrigo

CEO | co-founder

Adam has 10 years of experience working on music tech products as a sound designer, game designer, and product leader. While at Harmonix, he worked on AAA titles like Rock Band, Dance Central, Disney's Fantasia, Harmonix Music VR, and more. He led the development of the 2015 Music App of the year Ditty, at LA-based music tech startup Zya. He is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and synth fan.

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Aaron Lemke

CCO | co-founder

Aaron is a musician and VR developer who has shipped 9 VR titles. Interested in experiential and transcendent applications of VR, he has been creating VR experiences since the Rift DK1 days back in 2012. His first VR endeavor was Unello Design, the studio responsible for many relaxing and meditative VR titles like Eden River, Waking Man, and Zen Zone. Aaron is a three-time Proto Awards nominee for Best Score, and a member of the VRDC advisory board.

Sean Dunn


Sean is a software engineer and musician who has since 1999 worked for a variety of game, film, and tech companies such as NCSoft, Troublemaker Studios, Microsoft, and ZeniMax. He specializes in 3D computer graphics, audio DSP's, and generative art. While he can make nice sounds come out of any object, he prefers bass, guitar, and sometimes tuba. In his free time he enjoys writing science fiction and building things out of wood.

David Wexler (Strangeloop)

art director

David is an audio-visual artist based in Los Angeles, and is the founder of Strangeloop Studios. He is one of the most recognized live visual artists in the world, having worked with Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, Skrillex, The Rolling Stones, and more. 


Nicole St. Jean

head of content and partnerships

Nicole is L.A. by way of New Hampshire and became a devotee of the house music scene in NYC. She’s helmed digital marketing and partnership roles at Live Nation, Topspin and Twitter. Most recently she worked with 8i to secure major talent partnerships for an AR consumer app called “Holo,” which was one of Apple’s “Best of 2017” apps. Her love of music fuels long trail runs in the mountains.


Dave Haynes

Business Development

Dave has extensive startup experience as both an operator and founder. He was part of the founding team at SoundCloud, helping the company grow from launch to the world’s leading online audio platform with 250 million monthly users. As well as founding Music Hack Day, Dave’s formative entrepreneurial years saw him running a record label and digital download store, as well as DJ’ing across Europe.

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Ryan Chesley

head of product

Ryan spent over a decade assembling a raft of product management, data analysis, monetization and marketing knowledge at Google and Smule before setting sail on the unknown seas of virtual reality with TheWaveVR. At Smule, he helped build the world's largest social network for music creation with over 50 million monthly users; at Wave, he is excited to bring music lovers together in a brand new medium. When the storm clouds gather and the sharks circle, he knows the perfect death metal album to set the mood.


Jon Carter

head of operations | producer 

Jon spent the first ten years of his career shipping myriad music-based video games as a producer, designer, and project lead at Harmonix, in Boston. A lifelong musician and performer, he couldn't be more excited to help expand the definition of both of those things at TheWaveVR. 

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Zack Sheppard

principle software Engineer

Zack has 15 years experience in audio performance, composition, and production, as well as 7 years of programming for gaming studios like Portalarium. He grew up playing Sonic The Hedgehog and performing in orchestra and choir. 

Nick Shelton

technical art director 

Nick Shelton is a multidisciplinary artist and graphics programmer from Texas. His work explores 3D visualization of generative geometry- from audio-reactive projections for live music acts to interactive data visualization installations at museums and art galleries.

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Travis Blankenship


Travis is a developer with a passion for beautiful code and a musician with a soft spot for sawtooth synthesizer patches. He's always loved creating things, whether it be an ant farm simulator for the TI-83 calculator or a dubstep remix of the Google Hangouts ringtone, bringing something new into the world always brings him great joy. He has build several iOS apps as an independent developer, and is a DJ/producer.



Clarke Nordhauser

Product Evangelist | Artist

Known to most as video game DJ and remixer GRIMECRAFT, Clarke Nordhauser has operated within the music and games industry for over 5 years. Under a plume of poofy hair the former Harmonix artist turned international touring DJ fused a passion for music and games into a unique creative career. He has lent his artistic efforts to award winning AAA game studios such as Crystal Dynamics and Insomniac Games, as well as managed A&R for independent record label GameChops. 


Jen Lasher

product evangelist

One of electronic music's defining vocalists and DJs, Jen channels influences like GoGo and Moombahton in her recorded music and epic live shows.  She was the official supporting act on Skrillex 2014 Fall Tour, and has played festivals like Ultra, EDC, Coachella, Fusion Festival, and more. Her passion for Tech and Gaming have landed her performances at SXSW, AWS Re:Invent, GDC, and E3. 

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Mike Krentz

UI artist 

Mike Krentz (better known as Krentz) has shipped 19 titles as a User Interface lead and concept artist. Yoko Ono once called his work beautiful, when he designed the interfaces for The Beatles Rock Band. He's worked on games such as Wall-E, Fantasia, and Dance Central 1-2. Mike is also a painter, photographer, musician, and builder of musical instruments such as the harp.


Stefan Sinclair

senior Engineer

After a brief career as a mechanical engineer, Stefan moved to the mean streets of Chicago to follow his dream of developing video games. Six Halo titles and several other games later, he’s stoked to help create the next generation of online, social experiences in VR. When not writing code, Stefan enjoys travelling the globe with his wife and son: meeting people, getting into adventures... like Caine in Kung Fu.


Sophie Mintz

Community and social media manager

Sophie Mintz is a West coast born, East coast raised Illustrator and Twitch streamer with a love for RPGs, food, and a variety of music.  Recently, she's been trying her hand at making props from unconventional materials. She gets along well with others, especially dogs, and would do best in a loving, medium activity household. 

Rico Balakit


Rico is an engineer with a passion for the bleeding edge of music technology, having created custom MIDI controllers and a record-scratching robot. He has a taste for high tempo rave sounds, cultivated from his love of rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution, and regularly produces and spins music under the alias "Pearl Grey." Rico joins the team freshly minted out of Texas A&M University 


Jessica Hunter

quality assurance analyst

Originally from the east coast, Jessica moved west to California and since has accumulated 10 years experience working as Quality Assurance for companies such as Sony, Zynga, Storm8 and Sledgehammer, working with console and mobile applications. She loves video games from RPG's to puzzle games, as well as good food, music and cinema. 

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Daniel Sierra

digital artist

Daniel is a digital artist with a passion for audio-visualization and visual effects whose artwork has been shown in festivals and events around the world. He is often inspired by dreamlike imagery, light, movement and rhythm. Originally from the East Coast, he spent 4.5 years in Seattle at Microsoft working on HoloLens and digital music applications before joining TheWaveVR. He enjoys electronic music, synthesizers, dancing, video games, climbing and capoeira.


Dare Matheson

3D artist

As an only child, Dare occupied himself drawing weird creatures and building paper spaceships. At the Rhode Island School of Design, after taking classes on Illuminated Manuscripts and The Bible as Literature, he turned his Bible--which he'd spent class time illuminating with irreverent ballpoint pen doodles--into an animated film, which won top prize in the Black Maria International Film Festival. Dare has shipped 20 games as an Environment Artist, UI Artist, VFX Artist, and as Lead Artist on The Beatles: Rock Band. He draws, paints, and makes music.


Mik Minier


After synthesizing biomimetic diiron complexes for five years to obtain a PhD in chemistry, Mik decided to jump ship and venture across the Pacific before adventitiously becoming a network engineer in the gaming industry. A few years later and with a thirst for innovation, he joined forces with TheWave to back defining what music means in virtual reality. Mik is also a ramen enthusiast, almost multilingual, and is a full-time bboy and robotic dancer named Dr. Robotmik.


Bill Mauer

senior engineer

Bill is a software engineering enthusiast, bringing data where people need it.  With over 20 years of experience providing portals to worlds of imagination, he is thrilled about getting to help solve the challenges presented by social VR.  When not pondering network fallibilities, he enjoys learning from his kids, goal-tending in hockey, and woodworking




Mike Fischer

Mike has over 25 years of experience in interactive entertainment, including executive positions as a General Manager at Xbox Marketing at Microsoft, Vice President of Digital Music and Movies at Amazon, and CEO of games publisher Square Enix America.


Jon Goldman

Based in Los Angeles, Jon is Managing Partner for Skybound, the IP holder of The Walking Dead and other top IPs. Jon is also a Venture Partner at Greycroft, focused on videogames, VR/AR and eSports.  Previously, Jon served as board member and CEO for two portfolio companies at Jerusalem Venture Partners in video games and online video. Jon was a founder, Chairman and CEO of Foundation 9 Entertainment, the largest independent videogame developer in the world at the time with 11 studios and 1000 employees and sold the company in 2006.

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Sunny Dhillon

Sunny Dhillon is a founder and partner at Signia Venture Partners, an early stage seed and series A venture fund in Silicon Valley, California. He previously co-founded one of the first dating apps in the App Store, was an early employee at a venture backed spin off of New Line Cinema, and worked in corporate strategy for Warner Bros. He was the largest seed investor in Cruise Automation (sold to GM), and sits on the boards of 8i and Super Evil Mega Corp.

Gordon Bellamy

Gordon is a Visiting Scholar at the USC Games program, helping to cultivate the next generation of leaders in our craft. He has played key business and product leadership roles at Tencent, Electronic Arts, as a designer on Madden NFL Football, and MTV, and consulted for numerous companies in the industry.

Gordon served as Executive Director of both the the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the International Game Developers Association. He is a graduate of Harvard College, and resides with his husband Joe Heally, and 3 dogs, Cyber, Cooper, and Colby in North Hills, California.


Extended Family


Isaac Cohen (aka Cabbibo)


Using the moniker "Cabbibo," an homage to the late physicist Nicola Cabibbo, Isaac Cohen has published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps, interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms, to a real-time procedural music blog where users traverse a universe of sound. His work has been featured in various exhibitions and written about in such blogs as Intel's Creators Project, Google Experiments, and more. In addition to creating a plethora of experiences, Cohen is also responsible for a number of open source tools to help others create stunning real-time graphics.


George Michael Brower


George Michael Brower (b. 1988) is a Brooklyn-based artist making interactive art. As the founder of Always & Forever Computer Entertainment, George practices a broad range of disciplines from animation to sound design and programming. Somewhere between game design and art studio, Always & Forever makes immersive, oft-jiggly experiences about music and play. George graduated from UCLA's Design Media Arts department in 2010 and started his career at Google, contributing to some of the web's most celebrated interactive content. In 2015, he left to explore his art. His first VR project, Playthings, has been exhibited at TriBeCa Film Festival, TIFF and New York Fashion Week. George is the recipient of the ADC Young Gun award, and one of Print Magazine's New Visual Artists under 30. He is a two-time Webby Award winner for interactive art and currently serves on AIGA NY's Board of Directors.


Steve Teeple

3D concept artist

Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a digital artist currently residing in the the city of Oakland, CA where he dreams of vast 3D worlds and mind bending creatures. When he's not designing characters, Steve regularly conceptualizes and animates designs for prominent artists such as Flying Lotus, Odesza, and the Weeknd. Steve was one of the first Tilt Brush Artists in Residence at Google, and he regularly tests early VR hardware and software to push the boundaries of digital art by utilizing virtual reality tools in a professional pipeline. 

Mike Calandra


Mike Calandra is a 3D artist living in San Francisco. He has worked at Epic Games and for Jonathan Blow, on The Witness. He plays violin and guitar, and also DJs.


Sagar Patel


Sagar Patel is a programmer and designer specializing in interactive audio reactive experiences in VR. He has worked at Q Games in Kyoto, as well as Disney Imagineering on Shanghai Disneyland. Sagar learned northern-style tabla from a classical Indian player.